Saturday, January 14, 2017

Tuesday July 5th, Zacatecas to Mineral de Pozos (via San Luis Potosi)

It was a bright clear morning as I left Zacatecas. The temperature dropped as I rode toward San Luis Potosi. For a short while I was riding through clouds at what I assume was a high elevation. I was cold, but the road soon decended and I warmed. At the higher elevations the landscape consists of scrub, prickly pear cacutus and huge joshua trees. On the ring road around San Luis Potosi and south towards San Luis de la Paz there was a lot of truck traffic and a few rim busting, kitchen sink sized, potholes I narrowly avoided. The road through San Luis de la Paz is a typical, nondescript street with concrete buildings either side. Upon entering Mineral de Posos the typical modern Mexican town disapears. The street becomes rough, loose cobbles. The buildings are a mix of crumbling adobe, and fixed up adobe. It feels like a small, low key, San Miguel de Allende.

There was no electricity for many hours this evening. Reading by candlelight may also be evidence of a civilized place.

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