Sunday, February 08, 2015

Towards Zacatecas, 2014
A few last minute adjustments at Valdi's Motozone

Los Angeles to Sierra Vista, Arizona
Saturday July 5th, 2014

582 miles through the desert north of the border wall. 105 degree heat.

Near Tuscson darkening skies torned into a dust storm
which turned into a thunder storm

The nicest people in Arizona are from Mexico

Sierra Vista to Banamichi
Sunday July 6th, 2104

I crossed the border in Naco Arizona. An extremely laid-back experience. I was the only vehicle, chatted with the customs guy and was able to watch part of a Power Rangers episode while sitting in the office where my tourist visa was typed up. I didn't even have to fill out the forms or move from my comfortable air-conditioned spot. The road winds through the hills on the way to Banamichi. The occasional light rain shower kept me cool and released good smells from the dusty landscape.
Goodbye Arizona

Hello Mexico


Hotel Los Arcos

Banamichi to Sahuaripa
Monday, July 7th, 2014

After a delicious breakfast at Los Arcos, Tom drove me out to see his friend Stevan De La Rosa. Stevan has a small farm just outside of Banamichi, on which he has hand built an incredible little adobe house. Completely sustainable and "off the grid". He gets his water from a small canal, everything else is supplied by the sun or the earth. He has become an expert in traditional construction.

Stevan De La Rosa

Tom at Los Arcos

Road to Sahuaripa

Sahuaripa to Basaseachic
Tuesday July 8th, 2014

The road to Yecora and one bent spoke.

Maybe the ranchers I asked directed me along the shortcut to Yecora through the mountains. The California Auto Club Map, I've trusted as a friend, showed a thin but deep black line, promissing pavement. The pavement thus far had been pretty sketchy, but after a shallow river crossing south of Sahuaripa it turned to dirt. The road was graded and the scenery spectacular and I was hoping the rain would wait for a while.

Past Yecora the road returned to smooth black pavement. Which quickly deteriorated. I missed 99.9% of the pot holes but hit one hard. At Basaseachic the sky was turning black and the Pemex was out of gas. I pulled into "Hotel Cabanas Y Restaurant de la Sierra" (Thanks Sjoerd) for a room and an early diner just as the sky opened up with torrential rain.

Cabanas Y Restaurante de la Sierra, Basaseachic

Friday, January 23, 2015

Basaseachic to Creel
Wednesday July 9th, 2014

In the morning the pine forests of Basaseachic were shrouded in mist as the silver miners raced to work, creating new pot holes. I climbed higher on the twisty road dodging rocks washed off the hills by yesterdays rain. Avoiding damp cows with their calves guarded by big bulls threatening to charge.

I arrived in Creel after only a few hours ride. While lost, in this tiny town, I stopped at "La Troje de Adobe" cafe and hostal to ask directions. They suggested I stay, so I did. Angelico an Memo are the owners and builders of the beautiful adobe building.

La Troje de Adobe hostal, Creel
Memo playing guitar in the hostal cafe