Saturday, January 14, 2017

Sunday July 10th - Xilitla to Pachuca

It was market day in Xilitla as I left town. The town was packed with mini-buses delivering people. The roads were busy with more families walking to town.

Most of the day was spent riding in clouds between giant rain forest ferns. I bypassed Huejutla de Reyes on a narrow road through indigenous villages and towering mountain peaks. Theses mountains are exaggerated in their steep pointyness. Near the tiny town of Molango I experienced a gentle shakedown. A Policeman on each side of the narrow road waving drivers to a small pullout. I explain in english that I don't speak spanish well. In spanish the friendly cop asks for my documents. He didn't seem to wonder why I could understand him but only answer in english. He looks seriously at my vehicle import doc, my licence, my licence plate. Returning the docs, he asks if he could have one dollar in his best english. I appologize for not carying any US cash and am on my way.

Nearing Pachuca the landscape turns to cactus filled canyons. I drop down into the small canyon or big hole that is Mineral de Monte. The streets are crazy, narrow, twisty, steep cobblestones, that turn unexpectantly into stairways. Not finding any attractive hotels in this deserted, cool, old town, I climb back out and go to old Pachuca, five minutes down the road. This old part of the big city Pachuca seems to be a favorite of Mexican tourists. Lots of hotels, shops and restaurants.

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