Saturday, January 14, 2017

Friday July 8th - Mineral de Pozos to Jalpan de Serra

Feeling a little less like Port Moresby, in "The Sheltering Sky", I left Mineral de Pozos. Heading south and then east on the narrow, well paved, road lead me past corn fields and open air factories where workers were handmaking bricks. Generally these brick makers worked next to some ancient looking colonial brick ruin, standing alone in the landscape. When I reached highway 120 the traffic and the curves increased significantly. I twisted up over a cosiderable mountain, then down into Jalpan. The BMW loves this kind of road, although the heavy traffic kept me from over doing it. The Serra in Jalpan de Serra is for Fray Junípero Serra who founded five missions in the area between 1751 and 1766. He and his burro did some serious traveling.

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