Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saturday July 9th - Jalpan to Xilitla

I rode east on good roads and stopped at two missions. Mision Landa de Matamoros is in a beautiful, small, un touristed, not fixed up, adobe town. The plaster and paint work on both of these missions is outstanding. Mision Tancoyol de Serra is a detour, the road winds down into a small valley between the mountains. The landscape is beautiful as are the fluries of yellow butterflies. Riding through clouds of butterflies, like driving through snow fluries, is hypnotic.

Xilitla is surrounded by rain forest, waterfalls, huge ferns, big bugs, and dramatic mountains. Edward James built, while naked with his workers, his surreal masterpiece nearby. More photos in "Down to Mexico on an Airhead".

Mision Landa de Matamoros

Mision Tancoyol de Sierra


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