Thursday, December 03, 2015

Parral to Creel - August 1st, 2015

Last year I rode through Guachochi, this time I decided to go through San Francisco de Borja. This road does not exist on the Garmin maps. When I stopped in San Francisco de Borja to confirm that it is paved through to Creel I was told, emphatically, not to go that way. I've heard this before, about other roads on which I had no problems, but this time I decided to re-route. I discovered when I got to Creel that there is a new road there, and it is definitly a major drug transportation route. Also, It's not clear where the road actually goes. One report is that it goes from near San Francisco de Borja to near Guachochi. In my limited Mexico experience, it's unlikely that I would have had any problems, but this time I detoured.

In Creel I stayed again at the wonderful Hotel La Troje de Adobe, with the charming owners Memo and Anjelica.


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