Thursday, December 03, 2015

Bisbee, Az to Banamichi, Mx - July 26th, 2015


In which the last and lonely airhead heads south

Crossed over in Naco. No trucks, no buses, nothing there but a hole in the fence and some polite mexican border guards. Wish I had the nerve to get a photo of the young uniformed girl, with the bright blue eyes and big gun, as she softly but sternly asked for my registration papers. That big fence, that is so carefully watched, keeps the bad stuff out, and it keeps the good stuff out too. The air-conditioned side of the fence could use some of the warmth from the Mexican side.

The road to Banamichi is narrow and twisting. Bushes crowd in from the sides framing views of mountains and valleys. It crosses multiple streams and rivers, some footpeg deep and rocky, some muddy.

Tom and Lynn's Los Arcos Hotel in Banamichi is a worthy destination. Good food, good conversation and a good nights rest.

Hotel Los Arcos

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