Saturday, April 11, 2020

California - July 4th, 2019

Independence Day

For weeks it had been an enthralling game, a meditation, and at times and obsession, wondering what to pack and where to pack it. The major departments were Food, Clothing, Bed, Tools, First Aid, Documents, Cameras and Fuel. The Kitchen was pretty much established in one of the side boxes. I had a neat Optimus petrol stove in its own aluminum saucepan; a non stick frying pan with a folding handle; a pair of nesting stainless-steel mugs; some ill-assorted containers for salt, pepper, sugar, tea, coffee and so on…..and an impeccable white linen jacket reserved for garden parties on the lawns of tropical embassies…..As well as various antibiotics and other drugs and salves, I had bandages of every description, dressings suitable for amputations and third degree burns, tweezers for extracting bullets and disposable scalpels for performing my own appendectomies. In screw top bottles I was given some horrendous white stuff for body lice, and a strange mixture of cod-liver oil and glucose, which, they said, was an old naval remedy for tropical sores.  
-Ted Simon, Jupiter’s Travels

A visit to Valdi's Motozone for new tires.

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