Monday, January 19, 2015

Zacatecas to Real de Catorce
Friday July 18th

I left Zacatecas after a lost day spent in the hotel while the bacteria in my stomach were battling, and presumably loosing to, some new arrivals.

The road to Real de Catorce is mostly straight and well paved untill the cobble stone stretch which leads to the town. Thanks to RW66's advice I ignored my GPS and didn't turn on the road marked, I think, Est Real de Catorce. This has led many riders along the rutted dirt back road into town. Fun on an appropriate bike, I'm sure. I waited untill after crossing the train tracks to turn on the cobble stone road. Lots of shaking and rattling but the stones are set tightly together so no problem. The views are good as the road winds over the mountain and finallly through a long, damp, mine tunnel into the narrow valley where Real de Catorce sits.

Road through the mountains to Real de Catorce

Long, damp, tunnel into town

The streets of Real de Catorce

Hard work on a big bike

The bright yellow line

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