Sunday, January 18, 2015

Parral to Gomez Farias
Tuesday July 22nd

The road north from Parral passes through hills and rich farmland. The outskirts of Cuahtemoc feel like a mid west farm town. Modern farming equipment and big organized farms. At the Pemex, fair skinned red haired teens speak perfect english. There is a large Mennonite community here. North of Chuauhtemoc the road twists back into the mountains. I was watching black clouds and lightning over the mountains to the east, and I was racing them due north to Col. Alvaro Obregon where I would turn west and, hopefully, leave them behind. It was a tie. I huddled under the cover of a pemex station as the rain poured down and the wind blew trash and leaves down the street. I pulled on my waterproof layer and headed west, eventually leaving the rain behind. I stopped at Gomez Farias, a tiny one street town, for the night. A town where all the cross streets turn to dirt about a block either side of the main street. The police followed me, as I walked up and down main street looking for a meal, but never stopped or adressed me.
Gomez Farias - diner and breakfast

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