Friday, December 13, 2013

Mexico - July 9th


Frederico took me and the starter to a shop on his Africa Twin. The shop looked more like a hospital operating room than a mechanics shop. It was immaculate with ancient machines and electrical devices all in pristine working condition. The owner, in a blue lab coat, was cleaning the side walk in front as we arrived. We left the starter and went for breakfast tacos. When we returned the starter had been opened, and it didn't look good. The infamous Valeo starter had lost it's magnets.

I was concerned, what now? "No problem", says the electrician, "this is the same starter as a 1996 Ford Fiesta, I'll find you a used one" "Are there many of those in Zacatecas?" I ask. "No, but don't worry."

A few hours later we are back at the shop, the starter has been reassembled with parts found in a junkyard. It looks good, and it bench-tests well. By 6:00pm It's back in the bike, 24 hours after it originally failed. And It's time for another fantastic Zacatecan diner with Frederico and Jose.

Thank you Frederico and Jose, you are accruing some powerful karma!

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