Friday, December 13, 2013

Mexico - July 8th

Broken down in Zacatecas.

I decided to leave Zacatecas around noon. Zacatecas had other plans. Packed up the bike, everything ready to go, click, click goes the starter. Must be the battery, so I get a jump from a couple of guys in a beat Mustang. Click, click,click.....nada, negativa, muerto! I'm not at all sure of what to do next, and around the corner comes Frederico, owner of the Hostel Plaza del Carmen. We push the bike down the street and into his courtyard and park it between a beautiful Africa Twin and a Yamaha XT. We try the battery from his Honda, click, click, nothing. His brother Jose dissects the the starter relay, and it is working fine. Finally we pull the starter motor. Now it's getting late and time for dinner.......

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