Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mexico - July 19th

Puerto Angel to Tehuantepec

The day began with an early breakfast on the beach. Big mug of real, not instant, coffee and very fresh eggs. It's hard to leave but Chiapas is calling.

The weather is getting hotter, the lizards are getting bigger, and there are snakes on the road. It's also getting windy as I near the Istmo De Tehuantepec.

Rolled into Tehuantepec and found the Zocalo and a hotel quickly. The Hotel Donaji Del Istmo.

Hotel Donaji, pronounced "Donashi", named after a Zapotec princess decapitated by the Mixtecs. The room key fob is a big piece of wood with a drawing of her severed head on it.

Popular place with the Federales, for some reason, so the parking is probably secure.

Spent the late afternoon and evening wandering around, watching the Zocalo come alive and studying the local variety of moto-taxi.

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