Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mexico - July 18th

Oaxaca to Puerto Angel

Rode the 175 straight south from Oaxaca. Passing through Ocotlan was slow going due to the goat auction. There were some fine looking goats.

The road winds up and up. I stopped a couple of times before getting into the rain, and the rain filled potholes, and the mud.

Coming down the mountain the rain cleared, sandy patches appeared on the road, it got hot and muggy, and I started to smell fish. I arrived in Puerto Angel, and after a bit of wandering around lost I checked into the Hotel La Cabana. With a view of the beach.

As I enjoyed diner on the sand I watched fishermen catching a meal for tomorrow. Chickens searched for scraps in the sand beneath the tables. The chickens whose eggs I will be eating for tomorrow's breakfast.

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