Friday, August 28, 2009

Day nine - July 31, 2009: Watson Lake to Hanes Junction, Yukon (367 miles)

travels around the world on a bicycle with very little stuff, sleeping beside buildings or on back porches.  When he's moving, he says, the mosquitos don't bother him.  Later in the day the wind would blow my 800 pounds back and forth across the road and the deep sand would make staying upright a game of chance.  

Haines Junction

Day ten - August 1, 2009: Haines Junction to Tok, Alaska (293 miles)

Haines Junction

Roadside stop conversation:
Woman #1: I voted for God
Woman #2: I talk to Jesus
Man #1: I wrote a letter to God to quit smoking

Day eleven - August 2, 2009:  Tok to Valdez, Alaska (251 miles)

Morning in Tok with Grace again, who is leaking some oil.  The beginning of a relatively warm day.  In the winter it is 80 below here.

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