Friday, August 28, 2009

North to Alaska 2009

Day One - July 23, 2009:  Glendale, CA to Tonopah, NV (350 miles)

Angeles Forest Highway, California

My first stop of almost every ride, the summit of Angeles Forest Highway. The ideal spot for a plein air piss, standing by the side of the road in the sunshine.  All movement carries a certain momentum, the larger the vehicle the harder it is to stop. I don't need a parking space, or any particular place.

Mojave, California

Mojave feels like the edge of town, finally. In fact I wont ride in traffic again until I get to Kelowna, BC. Mojave has that light that fades and washes out everything. I used to marvel at that light in LA.

Death Valley, California

112 degrees doesn't feel so hot until you stop. There is no shade so I zip the jacket higher, pull the gloves over my cuffs and wrap up until there is no skin showing. 112 degrees on a motorcycle is pretty similar to 60 below in Jackson Hole.

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