Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Mexico - July 26th, 2019

Durango to Mazatlan (159 miles)

I rode the quota, toll road, this time. I have ridden the libre in the past. Cold clear morning leaving Durango, crossing the high suspension bridges, and delving deep into the mountains in the long tunnels, before landing at the hot and humid coast. A little crazy in places,  jockeying for position with slow logging trucks and mini-van drivers in a rush.  As usual 2 lanes are used as 3.  Eventually I passed them all, at slow speed on the shoulder, at the mile long back up for the toll booth near the coast.

In Mazatlan, from the roof top bar of the Best Western in Olas Atlas (where I did not stay), the somewhat obsequious barman asked: “Are you traveling for business or pleasure?” ... “There’s a whole lot of pleasure down there” he said, extending his hand as if giving a benediction to the city below.