Friday, December 30, 2016

Wednesday July 20th - Banamichi to Phoenix

It is hard to leave Hotel Los Arcos, but after a delicious breakfast it was time to go. The road from Banamichi to the border at Naco is a little rough in places, it is also totaly enjoyable. A few shallow water crossings, men riding horses, cows, some churches, and a bobcat ambled across the road in front of me. On my last morning in Mexico this road reminds that I am leaving an authentic and soulful place.

After crossing the border I'm too soon on the freeway. Endless rushing interupted only by hurried stops for corporate fast food. I find a hotel surrounded by freeway, streets and parking lots. There is no place here. There is no here here. 

Between the malls and gas stations I find a restaurant. A simulation of a restaurant in Mexico. It's popular, there is nostalgia for Mexico. But, as the border wall gets higher, the fear grows stronger, people are less likely to experience Mexico and the simulated mexican restaurant becomes more and more boring and superficial.

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