Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mexico July 2nd

Guerrero Negro to Mulege

The day started cool on the west coast. By the time I arrived in San Ignacio it was warming up, Santa Rosalia was hot, and Mulege hotter.

San Ignacio is an oasis surrounded by desert. The river rises out of the sand, gives the town fish and shady trees, then disappears back under the sand. The central square is covered by huge shade trees. At one end of the square is the mission, with it's beautiful, cool, interior.

Just before the coast, going south east, the road passes through the mountains before dropping down to the sea at Santa Rosalia. This road is road bike riding heaven. New, super smooth asphalt, tight and steep uphill and downhill sweepers, and a whitewashed verge to set off the jet black road surface against the grey desert.

Santa Rosalia was a french mining town. There are huge, disused, industrial revolution, mining machines, wood houses, and french style municipal buildings.
There is also a church by Gustave Eiffel, fabricated in france and shipped to Mexico.

Mulege seems to be a laid back little town. It also is an oasis, inland from the coast, and filled with palm trees. The Las Casitas hotel is an oasis in the oasis with a spot for the motorcycle in the courtyard.

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